Battleship Lonewolf for iPhone

Battleship Lonewolf for iPhone by tabasco game is familiar app introduced for sake of global users. You could command a powerful space ship and battle intergalactic beings in this app. It is efficaciously designed for those ardent fans of strategy games.

Battleship Lonewolf for iPhone puts you in the middle of an epic space war. As commander of the battleship Lonewolf, it is noted that every major decision is up to you and matter of life & death. The global players could tap to steer your ship around the battlefield and engage enemies.

You can also collect the resources dropped from your fallen foes in order to upgrade their current weapons and add new turrets. In case when all else fails, you can risk your resources on powerful auxiliary attacks and defences. The game actively comprises wide range of missions and the immense ability to replay levels in survival mode.

Battleship Lonewolf for iPhone

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