Fashtory – Fashion Directory

It is time to get into the whole exciting newly introduced Fashtory – Fashion Directory app. Having been perfectly designed by The Modern Gateway Establishment for IT, this incredible application was gifted for benefit of global users with an unstoppable quality experience.

Fashtory is regarded to be the persuasive handy pocket fashion directory. This reputed app offers user’s access to leading designers and fashion stores of the world. Whether international users are at home or immensely travelling to respective destinations, Fashtory would perfectly guide you straight to your favorite stores.

With introduction of latest fashion trends available for users they can feast their eyes on the newest collections and contact with designers when you search something you wish. The users can also have every option of saving designers and get notifications when they are having sales.

Fashtory – Fashion Directory

The Fashtory adept experience was developed for local and worldwide designers, brands and stores. By adeptly joining the Fashtory the family puts you right in the hands of fashion-focused customers. One can efficaciously set up their profile, portfolio and permit the fashion fanatics come to you.

This prominent app of Fashtory is expediently developed for Fashion Lovers. Interestingly there is no account required and easily access to collections from worldwide designer’s right in your pocket. They could also chat with quality designers & also get sales alerts.

One can also actively contact designers directly with relevant questions or inquiries.It is also possible to search by country or by designer and primarily swipe portfolio pages with easy manner. One could also able to bookmark their favorite designers and stores. Moreover they can get instant notifications when new designers join.

Fashtory – Fashion Directory

You could also experience many beneficial features related to Fashtory for designers and stores. Amazingly they have free trial for 4 months with no contract and no commission. It is professionally possible to create an exclusive profile and portfolio. You can also primarily list yourself by country of origin and specialty. They could also keep track of respective profile views and hguly possible to add details about your items. It is also said that one can chat with users and set ‘sales mode’.

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