Time Drop for iOS

The app developers of Time Drop for iOS had professional mission to develop interesting gaming experiences that assuage global users in the field of mobile game industry. It is one of the quality games that efficaciously allows and presented with numerous fun aspects.

Even though global players have gone through many gaming apps on other devices over the period of years, there will always be the one addictive gaming app that keeps coming back to experience good aspects in Time Drop for iOS. This gaming app was expediently developed by faktor zwei GmbH. For benefit of global players new version of 2.0.1 offers next 20 levels which are ready to play. All the game plays are addictive and entertaining one.

Time Drop for iOS

This whole fun game is built on the innovative idea with challenges on each stage, thus keeping players active in the game. The game offers with exciting features that enable players to do. It also provides players to travel with Jean-Louis and his dreamy cat Betsy on their epic time journey from big bang back to the present day. Moreover the players can actively riddle your way through various ages with Time Drop. This game app deals with colorful game with high addiction capacity levels and unique multiplayer-mode.

Can global players manage to come back to the present? The players can primarily able to connect all drops of the same color and avoid the unwanted obstacles. The game duly starts with easy manner but soon the players will encounter rocks, oil fields or water drops and many more types of hardships. It is also noted that for each level the players must adeptly collect maximal 3 color-buckets in order to advance to the next age and then back to the future even further beyond also.

Time Drop for iOS

The Time Drop for iOS game is the game that players must try out for if you have an iPhone or iPad and good fan of challenging games. The users wish it as because of the numerous challenges involved in the game. They are qualitatively packed with entertainment so try it today for the amazing fun experience.

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